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What is MaxScholar?

MaxScholar is a comprehensive, multi-sensory, reading and language-based program. We use different research-based methods that help students improve their reading skills, language, and performance scores.

How does it work?

At School

MaxScholar is the blended learning solution for schools. We provide supporting resources as well as monitoring and assessment tools!


At Home

Our programs can be accessed on any device. Our mobile apps enable students to continuously learn, whether at home, or on the go!


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MaxScholar is adaptable to different learning settings, both at school, and at home. Thousands of students have benefited from the use of our software.

Dr. Deborah Levy

National Expert on Teaching Reading and Teacher Trainer

“MaxScholar is the most effective reading software I have ever experienced. It is research-based and follows the five pillars of reading from the National Reading Panel. The strategies are taught in an interactive and multi-sensory way that students love, which helps them scaffold up their reading levels in a short period of time. I highly recommend MaxScholar for all students.”

James Beasley Jr

Curriculum Implementation Specialist

“MaxScholar is a tremendous tool for engaging scholars in reading. The multisensory leveled learning approach breaks down the reading process to the fundamental elements that allows for better comprehension and de-mystifies the process of reading decoding. The interactive design of MaxScholar provide immediate feedback and the contemporary content encourages more time on task which results in rapid growth.”

Ruth E.F.


“I am a mother to 4 children with reading and writing expression disabilities. Until now, I have not seen anything that improves the children’s abilities as much as your MaxScholar program has. It is delivered in such a way that they enjoy learning and they have fun while doing it. Thank you MaxScholar for helping them reach their future goals!”

Michael L

Assisstant Principal

“Many of our students who were using MaxScholar were either SWDs, ELLs, or were being considered for possible referral. They all showed growth of between 3-4 levels, far exceeding the general expectations.

The teachers are convinced that MaxScholar has made a huge difference in their students' academic achievement. Thank you so much for bringing such an effective program to our school!”


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