MaxScholar has helped 
students gain:Improve reading skills in children
  • Common Core aligned 
  • easy implementation models 
  • available on any device 
  • free professional development
  • RTI compatible 
  • web based
Unbelievable! All of my ELL students went up 2 grade levels over the last 3 months!
Charlotte, GA tutor

our partners


2014 OAASFEP Title I/Federal Programs Spring Conference

Where: Columbus, OH.
4th April, 2014

International Reading Association 59th Annual Conference

Where: New Orelans, LA.
9th May, 2014

International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference

Where: Atlanta, Georgia.
29th June, 2014

What are the methods used in the software?

We use the Orton-Gillingham method for teaching phonics in MaxPhonics, and introduce the highlighting strategy in MaxReading.

We also implement different approaches that present the content in different ways and help build and improve reading skills.

What does a license include?

A license is a 12-month credential set for the software.

You can purchase the MaxPhonics or MaxReading programs on their own, or you can purchase a comprehensive license including our core programs as well as complimentary ones.

Who is using MaxScholar?

Schools, learning centers, and parents are currently implementing MaxScholar with their K-12 students.

The software is used in a variety of settings, and since it is web-based, it is accessible on all devices.

Can I track my child’s progress on the software?


The progress made by each student on the software is recorded and accessible for monitoring purposes. You can generate reports with detailed charts and information and see the progress yourself.

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