Dyslexia is a reading disorder which can be characterized by poor word reading, poor reading comprehension, poor spelling, poor auditory processing of language, poor writing or a combination of these issues.

In most cases, intellectual ability is in no way affected by dyslexia. Early intervention programs like MaxScholar can effectively correct these problems before lack of reading knowledge hinders students in the classroom.

MaxPhonics’ Orton Gillingham based program addresses these issues by teaching the grapheme/phoneme connection through visual, audio and kinesthetic step-by-step instruction.

The MaxScholar Products

Are specifically created to help students who have Dyslexia, learning disabilities, ADHD, processing problems, or who are struggling to learn to read. Our programs are systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory, based on the research-based methods of the Orton-Gillingham approach, the Lindamood-Bell Process©, and other phonics, and reading comprehension strategies. They are adaptable to the student’s age and need, and are accessible on any computer or tablet.