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Research Based Reading Programs For Kids

Research Based Reading Programs For Kids & Straggeling Readers

As children learn to read, they learn to master the world around them. Building good reading habits that allow struggling readers to thrive has benefits in and out of the classroom. Using evidence-based...


Advantages Blended Learning Environments

Benefits Of Blended Learning Environments

Because there is a large variety of learning styles among students, teachers often seek ways to teach a classroom containing of a variety of these learning styles. Blended learning has many benefits – it reaches each student according to their preferred learning style, ...


Importance of Teacher Accountability At School

Importance of Teacher Accountability At School

Teachers bear a great burden of responsibility. They are charged with educating, shaping, and developing young minds. This responsibility is enhanced when it meets some form of teacher accountability. That accountability takes on many forms, all of them beneficial to the teac...


Best Reading Comprehension Programs

Best Reading Comprehension Programs For Students & Teachers

Many people think learning to read means learning to identify the shapes and sounds of individual letters and how to combine those letters into words. In truth, though, reading is comprised of a combination of understanding wh...


Best Reading Intervention Programs For Kids

Top Reading Intervention Programs For Kids With Dyslexia

What Is Reading Intervention Program

Reading is the most fundamental part of learning for every child. It creates the building blocks for understanding and comprehending all other subjects. Because reading is so vital to education and lifelong learning, many...


Benefits of Parent Involvement On Child's Education

Importance Of Parent Involvement In Child's Education

Why Need Parent Involvement In School?

Parent involvement isn't a privilege when it comes to a child’s education. Instead, it’s a necessity when you’re looking for the best possible outcome for the child. Childr...

Success stories


"The program is amazing! The teachers are enthused and the students are engaged! These same students were constant behavior problems last year, and that has stopped."

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