Importance Of Parent Involvement In Child's Education

Why Need Parent Involvement In School?

Parent involvement isn't a privilege when it comes to a child’s education. Instead, it’s a necessity when you’re looking for the best possible outcome for the child. Children whose parents are integrally involved in the day-to-day components of their education experience the following benefits:

  • Students achieve more when parental standards of expectation are coupled with those of the teacher and school
  • Students benefits from improved relationships with teachers when they’re aware of a communication-friendly relationship between parents and teachers
  • Student behavior tends to improve when the student knows that parents and teachers are in regular communication
  • Students benefit greatly from a home environment that encourages and supports learning


Benifits Of Parent Involvement In Schools

Benefits Of Parent Involvement In Schools

Perhaps the biggest benefit of parent involvement is that it paints a clear picture for the child of the importance of their education. Additionally, it establishes a beneficial network of parent > child > teacher > school administration. This network is powerful! It affects student behavior, provides a broad network of tutoring and assistance, and increases a child’s aptitude for self-motivation when they seek to please all the members of the network.

Parental Involvement And Student Achievement

Parental Involvement And Student Achievement

Because it leads to strengthened relationships at the school, optimizes communication between parents and teachers, and paints a clear picture of expectation for the student, parent involvement is a smart, strategic method of enhancing the parent-child bond, setting clear standards of education and behavior, and establishing educational goals. Some avenues of parental support include:

  • establishing consistent homework routines
  • checking and correcting homework
  • praising the child
  • identifying areas where extra help or tutoring might be warranted


Additionally, when parents take a visible, active, supportive role in their child’s education, teacher morale and performance improve, classroom behavior improves, and children experience a surge in pride and self-esteem. For everyone involved, that’s an educational win-win.