Best Reading Programs For Struggling Readers

Digital technology has invaded every area of modern life. Fortunately for struggling readers, that means research-based reading comprehension programs are finding new ways to make reading more than simply fundamental – they’re making reading fun and enjoyable. One of those programs is Rewards. Rewards is a short-term writing and reading intervention program designed to meet the specific needs of struggling readers. It helps readers increase their vocabulary, improve reading fluency, and gain greater reading comprehension.


Reading Programs For Special Education

There are also blogs and online resources like Help For Struggling Readers that help children and adult students by sharing tips, strategies, resources, and techniques that help improve fluency in reading and accuracy. Also, most public libraries have adult literacy programs that help struggling readers advance at their own pace and master reading at an age-appropriate level. Learn to read apps are also widely available in the iTunes store and on Google Play. Here are a few standout apps to help struggling readers.

  • Bookster reads to children and allows then to record their own reading for later playback. It’s designed to teach vocabulary to readers of every age and level using interactive pictures and words.
  • The Learn To Read app is an extension of the Starfall Learn to Read website. While the material is identical between platforms, the app offers mini-books that focus on letter sounds and repetition of vowel sounds. It uses games to keep readers interested and connected.

At School Reading Programs

Reading programs for schools that encourage children to grow their own library include Barnes & Noble Summer Reading for Kids, Sylvan Learning's Book Adventure, Scholastic Summer Challenge, and Sync: Free Summer Audiobook Program for Teens. Reading programs are available for every age and level of reader that help turn reluctant or struggling readers into lifelong readers with enhanced skills and reading habits that turn reading into fun and make all other areas of learning easier to grasp.