Best Reading Comprehension Programs For Students & Teachers

Many people think learning to read means learning to identify the shapes and sounds of individual letters and how to combine those letters into words. In truth, though, reading is comprised of a combination of understanding what letters and words say, and understanding what they mean. That skill is called reading comprehension.


Research Based Reading Comprehension Programs

Simply put, reading comprehension is the ability to read sentences and paragraphs, process them appropriately, and understand their meaning. Research based reading comprehension programs help enhance this ability. Some of those programs include, ReadWorks, a free, online program for teachers and students. It teaches students to build their knowledge and vocabulary to achieve a greater understanding of what they read. Similarly, Reading Rockets uses a variety of strategies to enhance reading and reading comprehension. Their reading comprehension program is available to teachers, parents, and principals. It relies on research-based classroom strategies to strengthen literacy skills including phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.


Best Strategy For Teaching Reading Comprehension

Some helpful strategies for teaching reading comprehension include creating a visual component that allows readers to engage all five senses. That allows them to create a complete word picture and encourages them to ask questions that indicate their full grasp of the concepts they’re reading about. Another strategy is encouraging students to notice details in their reading that allow them to determine the importance of sequencing while reading. It’s equally important to teach children to use context clues to infer meaning.


Popular Technics To Enhancing Reading Comprehension

Encouraging readers of all ages to write about what they read is a successful strategy for enhancing reading comprehension. There are also reading comprehension workbooks like, Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Reading For Comprehension by Continental Press, and Understanding Texts and Readers: The Complete Comprehension Handbook by Jennifer Serravallo.


These and other tools are readily available in print and online. They are specifically designed to enhance reading comprehension and making reading easier to understand and more enjoyable.