Top Reading Intervention Programs For Kids With Dyslexia

What Is Reading Intervention Program

Reading is the most fundamental part of learning for every child. It creates the building blocks for understanding and comprehending all other subjects. Because reading is so vital to education and lifelong learning, many schools implement reading intervention programs for slow or lagging readers.

The Goal Of Intervention Programs

The main goal of reading intervention programs is to improve and enhance children’s vocabulary,reading skills, fluency, and comprehension. Thebest reading comprehension programs help children build robust vocabularies and transform them into capable readers. There are a plethora of reading intervention available today.

  1. ABCMouse Early Learning Academy

    reading intervention program

    Reputed to be one of the best online reading intervention programs for elementary school students, ABCMouse starts by teaching the basic concepts of reading. It’s become one of the leading programs in immersive, Internet and app-based education since its inception in 2010. ABCMouse is available to most pubic schools at no cost.

  2. Book Adventure

    reading intervention program for dyslexia
    K-8 students love Book Adventure because of its interactive fun learning approach. It’s designed to help early readers master the basics through a series of adventure-based games. Designed to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning, Book Adventure is committed to teaching children not only to read well, but to enjoy reading and books to their fullest.

  3. Kiz Phonics

    Kiz Phonics is based on reliable reading programs that teach phonics, which enables a child to correctly sound out any word they wish to read. Once phonics is mastered, comprehension is undertaken. Touted by tenured language professors, Kiz Phonics promotes the building blocks of reading including, pronunciation, sentence structure, and reading techniques. It’s available in digital format, print, and online.

In addition to the programs listed above, Orton–Gillingham is the first reading program designed to help students with dyslexia using touch, music, and sight-reading. These and other reading intervention programs provide the basics of reading that help elementary school students excel.