Importance of Teacher Accountability At School

Teachers bear a great burden of responsibility. They are charged with educating, shaping, and developing young minds. This responsibility is enhanced when it meets some form of teacher accountability. That accountability takes on many forms, all of them beneficial to the teacher, beneficial to the school, and beneficial to the learning environment. Education as a whole will only get better when observation takes on the role of self-improvement through regular, significant means of accountability.

Teacher Accountability Via Ongoing Learning

As technology gains greater use in the classroom and as learning styles changes, teachers must be held accountable for maintaining ongoing, lifelong learning. From Common Core Math to STEM programs to improved teaching techniques to better classroom behavior management, teachers have a responsibility to their students and to themselves to keep up with changes that might enhance the learning environment.

Teacher Accountability Via Evaluation

Peer to peer evaluations can become a powerful performance driver among teachers. Not only can teaching peers commiserate in challenging times, they can also bolster positive behavior and drive performance in a positive direction. Peer evaluation also increases the likelihood of positive accountability and reviews from supervisors and principles. When teachers hold each other to high standards, it leans toward improved outcomes all the way around.

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Teacher Accountability Via Classroom Observation

Classroom observation by student teachers encourages teachers to put their best foot forward for aspiring educators. Classroom observation by people and administrators in positions of authority is likely to lead to greater attention to detail and improved performance. When principals institute classroom observations, they are in a strategic position to observe firsthand where improvements need to be made and where teaching is being done right.

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Teacher accountability is more than merely a compilation of standardized test scores. It’s the sum of a variety of components that go into creating an ideal place for students to learn and the best teaching environment for educators.

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