Research Based Reading Programs For Kids & Straggeling Readers

As children learn to read, they learn to master the world around them. Building good reading habits that allow struggling readers to thrive has benefits in and out of the classroom. Using evidence-based, scientifically researched reading intervention programs for kids lets teachers, parents, and kids see the best and has the following features.

  • Children learn the correlation between verbal and written language
  • Children learn to grasp and maneuver the building blocks of vocabulary
  • Children learn to develop a wider vocabulary and greater comprehension
  • Children learn to read in a nurturing environment


When all these factors fall into place, children develop a love of reading that undergirds the entire learning process for many subjects because it enhances their ability to grasp concepts and apply knowledge in many areas. Reading programs also introduce students to new words that allow them to build a solid vocabulary. This specialized instruction offers struggling readers a keen awareness of the relationship between sounds and letters. Online reading programs help students both at home and in the classroom setting.

Reading Programs For Struggling Readers

Reading programs for struggling readers do more than simply improve a student’s adeptness at reading. They also increase their reading proficiency and reading comprehension. Children who work with these reading programs improve their vocabulary fluency and the rate at which they comprehend what’s being read to them and what they read to themselves. Doing so benefits them academically by easing the learning process, and socially by increasing their confidence and self-esteem. Using personalized instruction, interactive storytelling, current online technology, and early reading intervention, modern reading programs equip children with the tools they need to read for pleasure and for success.

Why Reading Programs Benefit Kids, Parents, and Teachers

Online reading for kids and other research-based learning provides struggling readers with phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary skills, greater reading comprehension, and increased accuracy in spelling and writing. By strategically combining research around reading deficiencies with classroom studies and effective reading strategies, teachers bring a love of reading into classrooms in ways that feel natural and innate, relieve anxiety for the struggling child, and turn learning into interactive fun. That benefits children because they learn to recognize words easily, increase their reading speed without losing understanding, and read with emphasis in the proper places.

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Reading Programs For Kids At Schools

Reading programs for kids at schools have the wonderful benefit of helping students improve their knowledge base and raise their grades in almost every school subject. Consistent reading practice in the classroom allows struggling readers to exercise their cognitive skills, increase word recognition, build a foundational understanding of phonics and the way words and sounds are formed, and gain respect in their peer group as their improvements are seen, acknowledged and rewarded. Concentration is increased, children learn to grasp the concepts of their environment, improve overall language skills, and absorb – and correctly sort – new information.

How Online Reading Origram For Kids Helping Dyslexia

When reading programs are used in schools, children develop a healthy respect for reading, learn to more fully enjoy their learning atmosphere, and often attain the skills and techniques needed to read on level with their peers. It also fosters peer learning and group dynamics that allow children to assist one another and build mutually beneficial relationships. Reading programs benefits teachers in the classroom by opening a clear line of communication, compassion, and understanding between teacher and student. It also sets clear guidelines and paints a picture of a direct route from struggling to teach to watching students grow, develop, and thrive.

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Reading Programs For Kids At Home

Reading is an ideal way for a family to spend time together. Sharing books and stories builds bonds between parents, children, and siblings. Children make greater achievements in reading, which leads to better understanding and development across their entire curriculum. Research based reading programs in the home foster accountability, encourage good reading habits, and allow parents to monitor their child’s growth and development as a learner. Reading online for kids can replace other online gaming in many instances while allowing children to use fun, playful, interactive digital technology to increase their learning agility.

Most Effective Benifit Of Reading Program For Kids

Reading programs for kids at home reinforces good reading habits, supports classroom instruction, and fosters a lifelong love of reading. When parents are actively – and proactively – involved in at-home reading programs, it allows children to make the connection between their home and school environments. The relaxed atmosphere of home versus the real or perceived rigors of the classroom allow children’s imaginations to flourish, enhances their ability to retain what was taught in the classroom, reinforces the fun elements of reading, and allows parents and teachers to mutually benefit each other and the student.

Reading Intervention Programs For Dyslexia

Reading intervention programs for dyslexia sufferers and kids who have, or are at risk of having, reading deficiencies are designed to enable children to remain on level with their classmates, learn to read in the ways that best suit their particular needs and abilities, develop literacy and problem-solving skills, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Online reading for kids with dyslexia helps them master phonemic awareness, improve spelling accuracy, increase sight word recognition, enhance reading fluency, and build reading comprehension levels. Reading intervention programs for kids with dyslexia helps them unscramble letters and form them into words, build sentence structure, read and write with clarity, and instills confidence in their ability the learn and excel. Reading programs online provide a new and technologically sound solution to an age-old problem.  

Research Based Online Reading Programs Enhance Overall Learning

Online reading programs are an ideal teaching method for kids of all ages and at every stage of reading readiness and development. Reading intervention programs for kids improves grade levels, turns struggling students into scholars, and uses reading and online technology to create lifelong book lovers. Reading programs may be exactly what your student needs to become the scholar you know they are and to let their natural ability shine. Research based reading programs for kids are available in print and online versions and are specially designed to enhance learning and transform reading from a struggle into an enjoyable activity.Reading programs for kids help children do more than read – it helps them grow and develop.