I can't say enough about the program.  It has made a significant difference in the lives of many of our students in the LR Program. 

Some would not have remained here at the school if it wasn't for the program.  The intense intervention and customized capabilities of MaxScholar addressed serious learning and reading deficits.  The multi-sensory approach appealed to our diverse learners that we serve with engaging and interactive activities that were meaningful and motivating. Students took ownership of their learning through feedback features incorporated in the program. Teachers also benefit from the reports for future planning of assignments. One noticeable outcome that we have seen is the improvement in our students' writing. They are writing more, organizing their ideas coherently, and are expanding their vocabulary. They are also having fun as they navigate through the many and varied modules.

I enthusiastically endorse this program...  What is also very important to note is that MaxScholar is committed to continuously improving this model of instruction from the feedback it receives from students and educators.

Paula E.
North Miami, FL"