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MaxScholar is licensed on an annual subscription basis and can be purchased for specific students, classrooms, entire schools, or districts! We offer affordable licensing options for schools and district-wide use, giving your students and staff unlimited, password-protected access to the program. We also have discounted multi-year and multi-series packages.

Grants and Funding Sources

Tech Specs


• Web hosting providing anywhere, anytime access.
• A set of credentials which enables your students and staff to access the program anytime, and on any device.
• Unlimited product support via e-mail and phone.
• Online orientation/training session with teachers to explain product navigation and functionality.
• Teacher Support Tools and resources through our administrative site.

We can assist in determining the scope of the implementation and what configuration of licenses is optimal for you.
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Please include your name, position, school, district, city and state.

Pack includes:
Phonics I (Consonants & Short Vowels 1)
Phonics II (Consonants & Short Vowels 2)
Phonics III (Consonant Blends)
Phonics IV (Digraphs & Trigraphs)

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Pack includes:
All MaxPhonics
All MaxReading
All MaxWords
All MaxMusic
All MaxPlaces
All MaxBios
All MaxVocab

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Pack includes:
Phonics I (Consonants & Short Vowels 1)
Phonics II (Consonants & Short Vowels 2)
Phonics III (Consonant Blends)
Phonics IV (Digraphs & Trigraphs)
MaxReading levels K, 1 and 2 (Reading Comprehension)
MaxWords: Syllabication & Spelling Rules

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Grants and Funding Sources

Title I Grants: Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged provides supplemental programs to enable educationally disadvantaged children, particularly those attending schools in high-poverty areas, to learn reading, math and core academic subjects in order to meet high standards. Title I, Part A funds can be used for school-wide programs.

Funds are available for technology programs, supplemental education services, additional instruction in math and professional development.

Title II Grants: Preparing, Training and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals designed to assist state and local education agencies, including schools, with improving the quality of teaching and learning. This initiative advocates the alignment of school curricula with state standards and the integration of educational technology into the classroom.

Funds are available for test-preparation products, professional development programs in educational technology and core academic subjects and distance learning programs.

Title III Grants: Language Instruction For Limited English Proficient And Immigrant Students Provides federal funding for ELL programs. With the added measures of accountability in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the quicker transitioning of ELLs to mainstream classrooms, instructional materials for ELLs-both basic textbooks and supplementary materials-have become that much more important to raise achievement and to assist teachers in making all students successful.

Funds are available for school districts to provide high quality, research-based language instruction programs, which have proven effective in increasing English proficiency and student achievement.

Title IV Grants: 21st Century Schools Provides opportunities for academic enrichment, particularly students who attend low-performing schools, to meet state and local student academic achievement standards in core academic subjects.

Funds are available for remedial instruction programs, test preparation programs for at-risk students, literacy education and technology education.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Funds exist for programs, materials, and services that benefit Pre K-12 students identified as having physical, mental, and/or emotional disabilities. The most recent change to IDEA stated that all special education students are still required to take and pass the same state-wide assessments as general education students.

Funds are available for test preparation materials and programs, academic intervention programs, software and software licenses.

Tech Specs

Bandwith: No minimum requirements (a minimally good internet connection should suffice). The bandwidth usage depends heavily on the actual usage of the students so we can't give any meaningful number estimation for this. Most of the transactions are made through an efficient API REST system (which we are in the process of further optimizing for next year), so bandwidth shouldn't be a concern.

Hardware: No minimum requirements (although very old iPads and laptops won't work if you cannot update their operating systems to the ones mentioned below).

Operating Systems (minimum): Mac OS X 10.8
Apple iOS 11
Windows 7

Browser Versions:
Chrome version 53 or higher

Sites to whitelist:


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